The academic year is from June to March.

The academic year examinations are divided in to three levels- Weekly tests, Terminal tests and annual examinations.

  1. Weekly Tests- every Saturday (Mini –Two subjects)
  2. Terminal Test-I,  August/September
  3. Terminal Test-II, November/December
  4. Annual Examination, February/March

Registration is prior to admission.

Registration and admission fee are non-refundable.


                Admission to school is generally based on an admission test (Written/Oral).

OFFICE TIMING -9. AM – 2.00 PM (Management will not be responsible for any untimed requirements)


                A student seeking admission to any class will be eligible for admission to that class only if

he or she:-

  1. Has been studding in school recognized by or affiliated to CBSE or any other recognized Board of Secondary Education in India.
  2. Has passed qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination making him/her eligible for admission to that class.
  3. Satisfies the requirement of age limits (minimum and maximum) as determined by the CBSE.


  1. Admission forms may be collected from the school office during office time.
  2. Following documents are to be submitted at the time of admission.
  3. Certified copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  4. Original Transfer certificate signed by the head of the institution last attended.
  5. Certificate copy of Mark sheet of the examination last appeared.
  6. Three copies of recent passport size photograph in colour.
  7. Medical certificate / card showing proof of inoculation vaccinations.
  8. Copy of schedule tribe certificate (if applicable)


                Student wishing to take a transfer Certificate during the year, whatever reasons it may it may be, have to clear all the school fees and other dues up to the end of the academic year.There should be an application to be submitted on office timing before one day of T C withdrawal

                Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all the school dues have been cleared.


                A Pupil’s name will be struck off the school rolls on the following grounds:

  1. Consistent failure to pay fees on due date.
  2. Absence from school for a period of 30 days continuously without prior permission of the school authorities. 90% attendance is a must for each child to appear the examination.
  3. Repeated failure in any class for a period of 2 years in succession.
  4. For gross misconduct resulting in damage to reputation of the school.
  5. Parents and guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline upon their wards and taking special interest in their dress and with regards to the payment of fees and visiting. Non co-operative/ill Mannered/aggressive parent’s wards will be dismissed from school.


  1. Details of fees available in the school office. The school reserves the right to increase fees up to 20% every year.
  2. Fees once paid are non-refundable.
  3. Students will not be permitted to appear in any school examination if their fees are not paid in time.
  4. The Tuition fees are for 10 calendar months and are to be paid fixed, hence no bills are issued. If however, there are any addition payments to be made for any special facilities provided this will be intimated to the parents.